Steve & Jim's NSRA Swap Meet Experience

The NSRA had the largest number of pre-entries of 163 stalls and even put stalls at the top of the pit at the very back of the photo.
Steve told me on the way home. I had missed stalls as I did not know it was there!

Mad Helper

The latest DAB headphones.I can get Planet Rock Radio with these.

Around the field

Lots of pickup parts

Pro-Street Camaro

Track Nose T

Ohhhhhhh Vintage Magnesium Halibrands - yours for 2000

Big Block & Tunnel Ram

Unusual 5 spokes

Short Blocks for sales

Al & Jan had a cake stall and did very well

Fiat Topolino and Fiat parts

Lots of people dropped by to chat and bring us cake - Thanks Chris

Just what you want for your parts, a radio flyer hauler

Henry J looked in good nick

Unusual and rough - lots of work

Anyone for a race car? One of many for sale

Garys Howes old roadster - offers over 10k but needed a new interior


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