Dawn 'jingle jingle' Hudson

Ford Anglia

Kept within the club, formerly owned by Ron Evans

The car was completely stripped and the chassis was removed. The body was stripped to bare metal and the chassis sand blasted. A new steel floor and bulk heads were welded in, the chassis boxed and new cross members added. The body is original apart from 4" oversize rear rims. The body was then painted in two pack Vauxhall Karabic blue and the chassis was painted in two pack black.

The 1600 engine, gearbox and rear-axle all came from a MKII Escort, while the front IFS came from a HC Viva with MKII Escort discs and callipers fitted the servo is from Metro. The roof panel came from a black cab which is vinyl covered to look like the original insert. The front seats are Recaro`s a GSI Cavalier with the rear cut and made to fit in the Pop.

The wiring loom and fuse board came from a MKII Escort and the clocks came from a Triumph Spitfire, as did the fuel tank.

The wheels are a mixture of Wolf race on the rear 8" x 14" and the front are MKII Mustang 6" x 13", Tyres are Firstones 215 x 14 rear, 165 x 13 front.

The initial build up took 18 months to complete and was finished and MOT`d on the Saturday of Knebworth 1993 and driven straight to the show from the garage. Since then it has been driven and enjoyed!

Since then Steve Hudson has completely re-done the interior in light blue and white leather with lots of unique features. Check out the pictures.

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