Colin and Krista Parkinson

Past, current and daily driver details

Colin's 1947 Studebaker M5 Pickup

Before upgrade

After upgrade


Rover V8 3500cc with Boxer inlet & 4 SU carbs. Aluminium radiator


Borg Warner 65


Stainless steel


FRONT SUSPENSION Jag IFS with Air Ride Shock Waves

REAR SUSPENSION Jag IRS with Air Ride Shock Waves


Jag discs all round


Currently being redone by my self using Wise Guys split bench seat. The dash has been modifies to accept Rod Custom Gauges, switch gear & stereo. 1954 Cowley oval column, Limeworks indicator stalk, Maltese Cross steering wheel, Centre console profile changed to hold CD's digital gear indicator and heater. New glove box doors fabricated. Hand grenade shifter. Power windows. Ron Francis wiring kit to be fitted.


A new Pros Pick tailgate and bed wood kit is to be installed. Door handles to be shaved. '59 Pontiac tail lights recessed into rear pan.

Fulton Visor installed, together with a vintage air cooler


15" Steel wheels with bullet hub caps


This truck used to run a 455ci Olds Toronado engine in the back of the bed, but Tommy Jarratt - the previous owner had problems with cooling & the chassis twisting. So a new chassis was built by Tim Hammond with the Rover up front. I have driven this truck to many of the European Street Rod Shows, including France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Belgium


The hard tonneau cover provides excellent sunbathing facilities!

I have owned the truck since February 2000.

This truck used to have a 454ci Olds Tornado engine in the back of the bed, but the previous owner (Tommy Jarratt) had major problems with it twisting the chassis, cooling problems, & probably running problems with regards to the price of fuel.

So he then opted for the Rover V8 engine it has now. This is fed by a Boxer inlet manifold feeding 4 SU carbs. Borg Warner 65 Auto trans. Jag rear axle, Jag front independant suspension. Tommy brought the truck in from South Africa (hence the right hand drive format) in quite a state. He had Tim Hammond & Wisbech Engineering do all the work on it.

Cars I have owned

1954 Cowley


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